SWDS Model Engineers

Take a ride on an even smaller train!

The Model Engineers were invited to the site by Lord Braybrooke in 1989 and were privileged to be able to use the raised track that he had put in, what was then, the field for his daughter’s horses. At a later date the ground level track you see today was installed. The opportunity for the Club trains to run alongside or passing the AER trains is a unique experience producing much pleasure and waving from passengers on both trains.


The Model Engineers run every weekend and bank holidays and as often as they can throughout the school holidays.

Adult – £1.00
Child – £1.00
0-24 Months – Free

Please see below for their up and coming events:

Warship Day** – Saturday 22nd July 2017
Our own loco PATHFINDER will be joined by other ‘warship’ type locos for a ‘family gathering’

‘NG2’ Narrow Gauge Weekend – Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th September 2017
Narrow gauge locos were used around the world. We hope to have models showing the variety which existed.

4-Wheel Wonders – Saturday 30th September 2017
Miniature traction enginers join us for a fun day with a variety of locos which have just 4 wheels!

During events marked ** there will be the chance for the public to drive one of our diesel locos under supervision.