The Disappeared – Adult Halloween Event

Are you brave enough to ride the train into darkness and enter the world of the Disappeared?


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Introducing our NEW, Audley End Miniature Railway Fright Experience. An exclusive, 3-night event, specifically for over 18’s.

Are you brave enough to ride the train into darkness and enter the world of the Disappeared?

For hundreds of years, before the railway was built, there have always been strange sightings and weird noises connected to the woods where the train track is now placed. Visions of strange creatures and whispers have been seen and heard by anyone who dared to enter the woods under the cover of darkness. Over the years 66 people have been reported missing whilst traveling through or nearby to the woods. These missing people have since become known as The Disappeared!

Paranormal investigators have had great interest in the site for over 100 years and claim to have contacted some of those that have disappeared.

But now the ‘Extreme Paranormal Observation Division’ (EPOD) have the site secured with a temporal barrier containing the phenomenon and they are now offering the chance to the public to visit the woods at night under the protection of their security team.

Will you find the Disappeared, or will they find you?

Additional Information

  • The fright experience will last approx. 1 hour 15 minutes.
  • Food and drink will be available in our Tipi Tents after the fright experience.
  • It is a scare experience as opposed to a scare maze. The disappeared is a combination of atmospheric scares and jump scares.
  • The event is not designed to be a ‘bloodfest’ with very limited use of gore and blood.
  • The jump scares are scary but fun too! Visitors must be allowed to laugh about the situation.
  • You will travel through the experience with other visitors who are booked onto the same time slot as you.
  • The event is all outdoors so please wear appropriate clothing and footwear.
  • Darkness features heavily throughout the event and so do jump scares. Anyone with pre-existing heart conditions or pregnancy are advised not to attend.
  • Visitors must be 18 years old or above

Event Dates

29 October to 31 October, 2021
Ticket info:

Adults over 18 years – £25

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