At the Craft Lodge This Summer – Pipe Cleaner Flowers

Craft at Audley End Miniature Railway | Pipe Cleaner Flowers

23rd July 2023
Published by: Emma Jenkins

Violet the Flower Fairy loves flowers more than anything, and she has been teaching our visitors to make their very own flowers from pipe cleaners. A really simple craft idea to keep the kids entertained, why not try making a butterfly or dragonfly too!  

What you need   

  • Pipe cleaners in different colours 
  • Imagination!

How to make your flowers 

Twist the ends of one pipe cleaner together to make a petal shape.

Repeat that step five of six times.

Then, use another pipe cleaner to connect all of the petals together.

A final pipe cleaner can be attached to the middle of the flower, by looping it through, to make a stem.

You can stick your flowers into a bit of blu tac and stick them to the window! Enjoy your new floral garden!  

Our Enchanted Summer Adventure is running everyday until Sunday 3rd September. Find out more here.
Please share any of the craft you’ve made on social media and tag us, we’d love to see!  

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