At the Craft Lodge This Summer – Paper Water Boats

Crafting with Isla the Water Fairy - Paper Boats

5th August 2023
Published by: Emma Jenkins

Isla the water fairy’s favourite place to be is by the river lazing on a boat in the summer sunshine. This paper folding activity is great for older kids but really little ones will need some help to fold the shape. But anyone can decorate the boat!  

Water Fairy - Paper Craft - Paper Boat on the Water

What you need  

  • Paper 
  • Crayons and stickers 
  • Some water in a paddling pool or bath etc.  

Paper Craft 

How to make your paper boat 

To make your origami, paper folded boat, you will need to make the following folds… 

Step 1. Take the paper sheet and fold it in the middle.

Paper Craft. Folding Paper.

Step 2. Make folds from each of the corners so they meet in the middle.

Paper Folding. Step 2.

Step 3. Create a fold in the open lip and do the same on the other side.

Step 4. Fold the corners of the lip inwards on both sides.

Paper Folding. Paper Craft

You should have this triangular-shaped paper.

Paper Folding.

Step 5. Gently separate the lower part of the triangle.

Paper Craft

Separation of the part automatically brings the other corner of the triangle closer.

This results in the formation of a square-shaped paper structure with two lower corners.

Paper Craft. Paper Folding

Step 6. Fold the lowest corner to the horizontal mid-line on both sides.

Paper Folding.

Paper Folding.

Step 7. Separate the lower edges gently, and bring the corners to the middle.

Paper Folding. Paper Craft.

Step 8. Open the upper part of the corners to make the boat!

Paper Craft. Paper Folding.

Step 9. Gently expand the boat’s sides to make it stand upright.

Paper Folding - Paper Boat - origami boat

Decorate your boat! 

Well done! Your boat is ready to set sail!  

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