At the Craft Lodge This Summer – Clay Animals

Summer Craft - Make a Clay Hedgehog

29th July 2023
Published by: Emma Jenkins

At Audley End Miniature Railway you are likely to see all sorts of wildlife, from butterflies and dragonflies, pheasants, birds, muntjac, ducks and at night badgers, hedgehogs and foxes also come out to play. Our fairies and elves live in harmony with the animals, and sometimes to while away their time, they make little animal sculptures made of clay. Here’s how you can make your very own hedgehog. 

clay modelling

What you need… 

  • Clay or playdough 
  • Rolling pin  
  • A blunt knife / cocktail stick 
  • A board 

How to make your hedgehog 

Roll the clay into a ball, and pinch one end into a point, and flatten the bottom. 
At the pointy end, make a tiny ball for a nose.
Use the cocktail stick to make eyes. 
Use the knife to make spike shapes along the body of the hedgehog, and pinch into points. 

elf making animals from clay 

Your hedgehog is ready as soon as his spikes are complete. Give your new pet a name.  

Our Enchanted Summer Adventure is running everyday until Sunday 3rd September. Find out more here.
Please share any of the craft you’ve made on social media and tag us, we’d love to see!  

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