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A little trip down the River Cam

22nd June 2017
Published by: Emma Jenkins

What more could you want on a beautiful Summer’s day than travelling down the River Cam on a tiny rowing boat?

After sitting in the sauna like office for a few hours, Shaun had a brilliant idea to test the waters of the River Cam and take us out on a little rowing trip.


Ahoy Captain! Here he comes. After dragging the tiny rowing boat out from the reeds our Captain came to pick us up from the waters edge.


After clambering into the tiny boat, we were off! Enjoying a leisurely paddle looking out for the baby moorhens and little nests that lie along the river bank.


about 10 minutes had gone past, our clothes now featuring lovely slime from the river, after Nick and Shaun’s rowing skills had room for improvement!!

Arriving at the half way point, we reached the beautiful Adam’s Bridge. Separating the Railway from the Audley End House. We were very cheeky and crept silently underneath the bridge to catch a quick glimpse of the House.


Once we had turned around we headed back down stream to where we started. The journey back featured a couple of reeds and a near head on collision with a tree over the water, but apart from that it was very enjoyable. Who’s in for starting boat trips down the river?!

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