Our new Ticketing System for 2017

Check out our brand new booking system for 2017

16th March 2017
Published by: Emma Jenkins

As part of the new website, we have also updated the ticketing system to be much faster and more reliable. Lots of customers told us before Christmas 2016 that they were having issues with buying tickets, so we listened.


Some of you may have even been a victim of our old ticketing system crashing and the whole site being down for nearly a week. We did suspect this could happen with the old system as it was just not robust enough to handle the number of people booking tickets for our Christmas event at the same time and we already had this move penciled in for our close season.

The new ticketing system is incredibly powerful and is spread across 60 parallel servers. What this means for you as a user, is that if 1,000 people tried to book tickets within a 20 second period then it would only account for 6% of capacity. It’s hugely over-specced, but it’s not going to fall over anytime soon. It’s also the same system as used by many of the best attractions in the world, so we know it’s been tested thoroughly for us, by them.


For the first time we have added annual memberships to the ticketing system too. We’ll cover this in more detail soon, but it will offer great value if you plan on visiting more than a few times a year and it does give you early access to the best Christmas tickets that sold out very quickly last year.


There are also everyday running tickets available too. We have found that people increasingly want the certainty of buying a ticket in advance, so we listened and these are now available here too.

We’d love to hear back if you have suggestions as to how we can improve things further, but in the meantime, thanks for all of your feedback and we hope you like what we’ve done!

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