New carriages coming to the Railway

Check out our brand new carriages coming to the Railway in 2020!

27th September 2019
Published by: Emma Jenkins

There is a very exciting chapter happening at the Railway at the moment! The planning application has been accepted for a brand new Play Area and Cafe AND we also have some new carriages coming too!

Last week our test carriage arrived (see picture) We spent the day testing the carriage around the track to ensure they are going to be perfect.

The new carriages won’t be grey, they will continue to be red, they just haven’t had their paint applied yet! The carriages will also be bigger and a lot more comfortable for you to travel in!

The engineers spent the day testing all the bogeys on the carriages along with the suspension to ensure it is a smooth ride.

The new carriages will also feature a new wheelchair carriage. Eliminating the need for our additional wheelchair carriage that we have at the moment. The carriage will have ramp so the wheelchair can be wheeled straight into the carriage with ease, and the passenger can then enjoy the journey just like any other passenger would.

The new carriages will be arriving during 2020 and be available for you to ride one they arrive!

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