Lord Braybrooke’s Locomotives for sale

The locomotives are being sold to raise funds to make significant improvements and enhancements to the Railway

19th February 2019
Published by: Emma Jenkins

This March, Dreweatts auction house will be offering for sale nine locomotives from Lord Braybrooke’s fine collection of steam locomotives, from the Audley End Miniature Railway (AEMR).
The locomotives are being sold to raise funds to make significant improvements and enhancements to the Railway including new carriages, play equipment, upgraded car parking facilities and an organic café.

Commenting on the forthcoming auction, the Hon. Amanda Murray, the late Lord Braybrooke’s eldest daughter who now runs AEMR said, ‘Unfortunately my Father’s smaller locomotives were not designed to haul eight carriages around our 1.5 mile track, which is what our visitor numbers now dictate.  So to ensure we carry our passengers as efficiently and as comfortably as possible, we have made the decision to sell nine of the smaller locomotives.”

She went onto say; “As we continue to grow we need to support the infrastructure of the site and ensure the future of the railway and my father’s legacy so that families can visit and enjoy our miniature railway for many years to come. We will be keeping 2 of the larger Steam Locomotives and 2 Diesel Engines.”  

Trains and locomotives played a large part in the life of the late Lord Braybrooke with his interest dating from his early childhood when he was evacuated to Wales. His passion for steam lead to the development of a miniature garden railway, which, in the early 1960s, he realised might make a viable proposition, providing entertainment for visitors to Audley End House.

Lord Braybrooke initially sought advice from the toy manufacturer Bassett-Lowke, and they in turn recommended David Curwen, an engineer and locomotive builder from Wiltshire. Curwen and Braybrooke forged a partnership and friendship for over 40 years with many locomotives at AEMR being built by Curwen. AEMR was opened in May 1964 by British motor racing driver Sir Stirling Moss. He drove the ‘Lord Braybrooke’ which is being offered in the March auction.

To find out more information about the locomotives that are for sale please visit Dreweatts website here.

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