At the Craft Lodge This Summer – Rainbow Crowns

At the Craft Lodge This Summer - Rainbow Crowns

29th August 2023
Published by: Emma Jenkins

Our Craft Lodge has been a hive of activity this summer. Skye the Rainbow Fairy has been helping our visitors to make their very own Rainbow Crown. If you have little ones at home and want a quick and easy craft for them to do, why not have a go at making one.

fairy crown craft

What you need

  • A strip of card, the same size as your little one’s head 
  • Double sided sticky tape 
  • Feathers 
  • Felt tip pens 
  • Stickers / Jewels  
  • Glitter 

How to make your Rainbow Crown 

Lay the strip of card onto a flat surface. 
Adorn the crown with decorations, using the colours of the rainbow!
Once decorated, use the double-sided tape to attach the two ends, and secure around the head.  
Once you’re little one has been crowned, they can proudly show off their rainbow crown!  

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Our Enchanted Summer Adventure is running everyday until Sunday 3rd September. Find out more here.

Please share any of the craft you’ve made on social media and tag us, we’d love to see!  

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